-Mild Spoilers

Dakota Skye (Eileen Boylan) is not like other girls. She’s got the same amount of apathy as your average disaffected youth, but it isn’t because posturing as nonchalant and world-weary is trendy. Dakota jaded and cynical due to the fact that she’s a human lie detector. For reasons unknown, this otherwise unremarkable girl has always been able to tell when she is being lied to, and read what the truth is. Since everyone lies, this has made Dakota understandably bitter and withdrawn, even with her best friend, Beth (Dominique Generaux), and her boyfriend, Kevin (J.B. Ghuman Jr.).

Dakota is resigned to living the rest of her life surrounded by liars, always disappointed by even those closest to her and, since the cardinal rule of having a super power is that you keep it a secret, unable to be completely honest with them as well. Everything changes when Jonah (Ian Nelson) enters the picture. Jonah, Kevin’s best friend, is in town for a visit, and immediately makes an impression on Dakota, or rather, fails to when the group spends hours together and she doesn’t catch him in a single lie.

Any comic book connoisseur knows that there are only three possible reasons for this. 1. Jonah is Dakota’s polar opposite, someone who is incapable of both lying and detecting lies. 2. Jonah is Dakota’s kryptonite, the one person whose lies she can’t detect. 3. Jonah is an ordinary guy, fully capable of lying, and Dakota would be fully capable of detecting said lies, but he is actively choosing not to lie to her. The fact that Dakota is seriously attracted to Jonah, who happens to be a struggling actor, doesn’t make this unknown territory any easier for her to navigate. For the first time in her life, Dakota must trust what she feels, rather than what she knows, and navigate romance the same way everyone else does: on instinct and hope.

Dakota is the everyday hero and anti-hero, and as we watch her grapple with her feelings for Jonah, the audience can’t help but to be as wary as she is, even as we hope that her under-utilized intuition is right about him. At once a dark comedy, a coming-of-age story, and a slice of life romance, Dakota Skye is what every indie film should be: memorable.

I give this one 3.75 stars.


Written by SJWMovieReviews

Intersectional. Feminist. Opinionated. Long-Winded.


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