– Mild Spoilers

white girl: 1. young Caucasian female. 2. a street name for cocaine.

There are few things more dangerous than being a young, Latinx drug dealer in New York. To be part of an already marginalized ethnic group, and then compound the legal threat to one’s self by being a dope boy is a pretty rough road. But it can get worse, and deciding to become fixated on a drug-addicted White girl is one way to ensure that it does.

In this coke-fueled drama, we meet Leah (Morgan Saylor), a university student and magazine intern, and her best friend, Katie (India Menuez), who move into an apartment in a predominantly people of colour(PoC) neighbourhood in Queens. The two immediately stick out like a sore thumb in their basic Midwestern Beckiness, but of course, they capture the attention of some of the young Latinx. One of these happens to be Blue (Brian Marc), who Leah immediately assumes to be a drug dealer. Despite her insulting (albeit correct) assumption, Blue becomes quickly infatuated with Leah, and she with his cocaine.

Leah convinces Blue to mark up the cost of his inventory, accompany her to a party that her boss is throwing, and sell to all of the affluent, recreational drug users whom she works with. Things go smoothly and Blue makes an incredible profit, which gives him the confidence to take Leah along and ask his supplier, Lloyd (Adrian Martinez) for more. Shortly after Lloyd agrees and gives Blue the merchandise, Blue is set up by a narc and arrested, with Leah handling the large supply of cocaine left behind.

When Leah visits Blue in jail, he is relieved to hear that she has the cocaine and asks her to return it to Lloyd, but bad luck Becky, after promising to do so and making one very weak attempt, instead chooses to sell the product to pay Blue’s legal fees. In between snorting powder like there was a daily nutritional requirement and partying, Leah manages to secure a lawyer (Chris Noth) for Blue, with Lloyd, who doesn’t know of Blue’s arrest, or that Leah has the product, becoming more livid every single day.

As we watch the glorified addict that is Leah scramble around to get Blue out of jail all while arranging her next fix and being exploited by the similarly privileged White people in her life, the audience must accept the very real truth that Blue’s life is in the hands of someone who can barely manage her own, and that he will be paying for his mistakes, as well as hers, in one way or another.

Listen, y’all. If there were ever a cautionary tale about why messing with them white girls is a bad fucking idea, especially if you’re a PoC, poor, and/or male, White Girl is it! From start to finish, Leah does nothing but pull Blue out of his comfort zone and into her web of shenanigans. Leah isn’t even intentional in fucking shit up; the girl is a lot of things, but malicious isn’t one of them. It’s just that her very presence, and who she is in relation to who Blue is means that she will bring trouble his way, every time. To add insult to injury, White Girl makes it vividly clear, with a fucking highlighter, that no matter what fuckshit Becky does, she gon’ be alright. It’s the people of colour in her radius who will bear the weight of her recklessness, and keep feeling it long after they’re nothing but a footnote in her collegiate hoe stories.

I give this one 4.25 stars.




Written by SJWMovieReviews

Intersectional. Feminist. Opinionated. Long-Winded.

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