-Heavy Spoilers

Every small town has the one girl who’s way prettier than the people around her, and knows it. For the town of Devil’s Kettle, Minnesota, Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) is that girl. Jennifer is vain, popular, stylish, and completely bored with her uneventful little town, but what’s a girl to do for fun in a place where everything closes at nine? Drag her best friend to see a local indie band, of course! Anita (Amanda Seyfried), fondly referred to as “Needy”, begrudgingly accompanies Jennifer to a dive bar to see a Low Shoulder performance and excitement comes in the least expected form when the bar catches fire, Jennifer leaves with the band, and returns home… different.

So it turns out that Low Shoulder doesn’t just look alternative, they’re actually about that life, a life that includes sacrificing virgins to the Devil in exchange for fame and fortune. Only Jennifer is no virgin so while they get what they want, they also unwittingly create a man-eating demon. Jennifer goes from being a girl who chews boys up and spits them out to a succubus who chews and swallows! Oopsies! Of course, Low Shoulder’s pact with the Devil and overnight stardom mean that they don’t have to stick around and deal with the consequences of their actions, but Needy does. Needy is terrified of what Jennifer’s become, but no one believes Needy, and her classmates and boyfriend alike all think that she’s just confused with grief. Now, it’s up to the one person who knows her best to end Jennifer’s slow massacre via teen boy lunchables.

Filled with dry wit, pithy humour, late 2000s alt-rock, and the tired narrative that being makeup-free in glasses makes a girl ugly, Jennifer’s Body straddles the line of teen horror and campy/corny horror quite well. Both Fox and Seyfried give enjoyable performances and the nuances of the power dynamic of their friendship are expertly developed, explored, and evolved. This is definitely the perfect horror to watch with your best friend!


Written by SJWMovieReviews

Intersectional. Feminist. Opinionated. Long-Winded.

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