-Mild Spoilers

Meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time can be nerve-wracking! No one looks forward to being grilled and silently judged by their parents and siblings. Luckily for Erin (Sharni Vinson), her boyfriend Crispian’s parents are warm and sincere, and although his siblings have their squabbles, no one makes her feel like an outsider and she has no reason at all to feel uncomfortable… until the family starts being hunted. What should have been a weekend for Audrey and Paul Davidson (Barbara Crampton and Rob Moran) to celebrate their anniversary with the children soon turns into an affair to remember when they, their children, and their children’s partners are fighting for their lives as masked men outside take them down one by one.

As Crispian (A. J. Bowen), his brothers, Drake and Felix (Joe Swanberg and Nicolas Tucci), and his sister, Aimee (Amy Seimetz) panick over the group’s safety, shy, soft-spoken Erin rises to the occasion and begins to fight back, revealing an impressive set of skills learned via a childhood spent on a survivalist commune. The tables are turned when the group which should have been easy pickings turns the tables on their hunters, with Erin’s help. But everything isn’t what it seems within the Davidson family, and the unexpected attack didn’t come out of nowhere.

In an edge-of-your-seat combination of And Then There Were None and Hider In The House, You’re Next is a horror guilty pleasure with enough twists and turns to keep you entertained and begging for more.

I give this one 3.5 stars.




Written by SJWMovieReviews

Intersectional. Feminist. Opinionated. Long-Winded.

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