-Heavy Spoilers

When we’re little, sometime in the space between the beginning of toddlerhood and the end of kindergarten, most of us are afraid of monsters under the bed. Brian Stevenson (Fred Savage) is long past that age, but when his family moves to a new town, food starts going missing in their home, and his little brother, Eric (Ben Savage), insists that the culprit is a monster under his bed, Brian decides to humour him. Agreeing to sleep in his brother’s room on a bet, Brian soon realizes that there is definitely validity to his brother’s story. After setting booby traps and catching the monster the next night, Brian soon discovers that he and Maurice (Howie Mandel) have a lot in common, and the two soon become friends, with Maurice bringing Brian down to his world, filled with games, junk food, candy, and adventures, and lacking any adult supervision.

The monsters are everywhere that there’s a bed and space between the mattress and the floor, underground by day and terrorizing small children by night. Brian loves his time with Maurice but soon realizes that he’s changing and that this world isn’t as carefree as he’d previously assumed. Time spent in their world is slowly turning Brian into a monster, and when he discovers that it is Maurice’s plan to convert him, on the monsters’ leader’s orders, Brian must come up with a plan to save his family and his humanity.

Though not the least bit scary for anyone over the age of 8, Little Monsters is so well cast and acted, not to mention dripping with nostalgia. Little Monsters is well-timed, funny, and a wildly entertaining twist to every small child’s worst nightmare that’s still a pleasure to watch almost 30 years after its release. The moral of the story: Take the high road, but always make sure to have friends in low places!


I give this one 4 stars.


Written by SJWMovieReviews

Intersectional. Feminist. Opinionated. Long-Winded.

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