-Mild Spoilers

In New York City, rent has always been too damn high, but Allison Jones (Bridget Fonda) is a new software designer poised for success and together with her live-in fiancé, Sam (Steve Weber), a partner at a law firm, they make more than enough to get by. When Allison learns that Sam recently cheated on her with his ex-wife, however, she throws him out and is now in the market for a roommate.

After interviewing many prospectives, Allison settles on the frumpy but sweet Hedra Carlson (Jennifer Jason Leigh). What starts off as the idea arrangement becomes more restricting for Allison has Hedra demands more of her time, becomes overprotective and possessive of her, and runs interference on Sam’s attempts to reconcile with Allison. Hedra’s true colours quickly become apparent when Sam is able to win Allison back and this pushes Hedra off the deep end. Hedra eventually gives herself a makeover to look almost exactly like Allison, which finally prompts Allison to do some overdue snooping and actually find out who this woman is. 

Not only ss the casting of Single White Female impeccable, but so is Fonda and Leigh’s onscreen chemistry, and Leigh’s performance as a mentally unhinged, dangerous young woman is riveting. This film is a much-needed reminder to be careful who you invite into your home.

I give this one 4 stars.



Written by SJWMovieReviews

Intersectional. Feminist. Opinionated. Long-Winded.

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