-Mild Spoilers

When Cataleya was only nine years old, she witnessed the death of her parents at the hands of her father’s drug lord ex-boss’s henchmen (yeah, that’s a mouthful!) and through quick thinking and quick feet, manages to save her own life and find her way to the U.S. Embassy in Colombia. In exchange for the information given to her by her father, the U.S. government allows Cataleya to stay in the country with her paternal uncle and grandmother.

Understandably consumed with revenge, Cataleya’s wounds do not heal with time, and only become more pronounced. Cataleya (portrayed enjoyably by all 110 lbs of Zoe Saldana) listens to Bjork’s “Army of Me” a few too many times and decides to take matters into her own hands. As an adult, with nothing but brains, determination, and years of learned skills, she exacts her revenge on all those involved, one by one, carelessly jeopardizing the lives of the only family she has left in the process, when her revenge plans and her relationship with a would-be boyfriend collide in unforeseen ways.

This action-packed revenge thriller, while enjoyable, tries a little too hard in some areas (trying to portray Saldana as a badass), and not hard enough in others (the dialogue was thoroughly lacking). It’s nice to see a woman in such an empowering role, but this fell very short of being on the same level as films like Point of No Return because the lead barely speaks and very little is done to endear her to the audience. While watching Colombiana, all we can think about is how recklessly she’s endangering her present to avenge the past.

I give this one 3 stars.




Written by SJWMovieReviews

Intersectional. Feminist. Opinionated. Long-Winded.

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