Retail is one of the many work sectors in North America which, while once a dependable means of providing for one’s family, quickly devolved into what is now described as a dead-end job, rarely able to keep even one person afloat, let alone an entire family. For Ronna (Sarah Polley), making ends meet means working overtime to avoid being evicted. Ronna is so desperate for money that she picks up extra shifts from her co-worker, Simon (Desmond Askew), and that’s when her lackluster life becomes a lot more interesting.

Simon sells drugs on the side and in his absence, two of his regulars, Adam and Zack (Scott Wolf and Jay Moh) go to Ronna to score some ecstacy. What should have been some easy money becomes several intersecting stories of crime, comedy, and completely horrible timing as Ronna tries to dodge both the law and an angry drug dealer (Timothy Olyphant), while Simon and his friends Marcus (Taye Diggs), Tiny (Breckin Meyer), and Singh (James Duval), live it up during a weekend in Las Vegas brimming with totally avoidable catastrophe.

One of the most hilarious films of the late 90s, with a memorable soundtrack to match its club/scene aesthetic, Go, is the quintessential film for all the baby GenXers who felt life, and their youth, speeding past as they struggled to hold on to fleeting moments of joy with both hands. Go is a movie about trying to both live and exist, and how these things often can’t be done simultaneously when you’re poor. Go is a movie about how GenX and the generations that followed need their friends more than ever, because the only thing better than having someone to be there when you’e struggling is having someone to celebrate surviving the trenches with. I give this one 3.75 stars.



Written by SJWMovieReviews

Intersectional. Feminist. Opinionated. Long-Winded.

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