-Mild Spoilers

Quan Millz is quite the prolific writer, currently popping out contemporary urban novels like Skittles. His recent titles include novels such as: Crack Hoe Dreams, Gutter Hoe Dreams, Thotiana, Ran Off On The Plug Twice, My Bad White Bitch, and Secrets of a Side Nigga. As these titles would suggest, Millz is a messy bitch who lives for drama! I chose this particular title for my first foray into the treacherous waters of this particular urban fiction writer because the situation presented on aforementioned messy ass title seemed the most far-fetched, on account of dude being gay.

The first word of Pregnant By My Gay Stepdaddy is “bitch”, and a grizzly infanticide occurs within the first few pages, so right away, you already know what it is: Quan Millz goes straight for the jugular; straight shock value to hook readers. Our protagonist is a 17 year old named Shemaya, whom (after finding herself facing serious legal charges and being abandoned by her foster mother), takes the advice of her lawyer and social worker and agrees to live with her biological mother, a woman who abandoned her and her currently incarcerated father when Shemaya was a baby, and someone whom she has no memory of.

Shemaya’s mother, formerly known as Contessa, has long reinvented herself as Evelyn, a woman of God, First Lady of Rock of Ages Church in Atlanta, and wife of its closeted gay leader, Bishop McClendon. Both of them are having lascivious affairs, which are described in staggeringly vivid detail by Millz, who is surprisingly gifted at detailing sex between two men in an erotic and nontacky/nonhomophobic way, which the thinly-veiled misogynoir throughout the book would not have initially suggested. In fact, the more dramatic a scene is, the better it is written. Millz is not here for the mundane.

Waters get hot when Evelyn has to bring home the daughter that her husband never knew existed and we learn that, although Shemaya is a schemer, the scheming apple doesn’t fall far from the scheming tree, and Evelyn is so manipulative, she should have been cast on Dynasty. Meanwhile, the drama overfloweth with characters such as Larnell (Bishop McClendon’s lover), Deacon Durden (Evelyn’s lover), and downright shocking scenes of power play.

Filled with syntax and grammatical errors, Pregnant By My Gay Stepdaddy proves that while Millz is a gifted and engaging storyteller, he is a horrible writer, and is clearly trying to save money (or simply thinks too highly of himself) to hire an editor. Either way, the story was damn near impossible to put down because it reads like a keke with that one grimey frenemy who you can’t stand and really don’t trust, but keep around cause she always has a cup of steaming hot organic tea on everybody! I will give credit where it’s due, however: Millz keeps the twists and turns coming, and is great at explaining situations from the perspective of a variety of characters. Pregnant By My Gay Stepdaddy is Greenleaf meets Zane meets BET movie of the week! The story ends at a major cliffhanger, and I’m not ashamed to admit: I am beyond ready to read the sequel (which, judging by Millz’s track record, should be released soon). Yeah, Millz’s story is extra, loud, and subversively in your face, but it’s better than anything Mark Twain ever wrote.

I give this one 3.75 stars. Quan Millz, if you’re reading this: HIRE AN EDITOR.


Written by SJWMovieReviews

Intersectional. Feminist. Opinionated. Long-Winded.

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